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FUE Hair Transplant image
FUE Hair Transplant Review
FUE Hair Transplant Black Afro African Caribbean Hair 1800 Grafts
Hey Guys So I am due to get a Hair transplant at Estethica Clinic Turkey on the 26th September 2017 I've noticed that there's... READ MORE ›
Lower Face Lift image
Lower Face Lift Review
52 Yr Old Wants a Refreshed, Not Tired, Look! Lower Face/Neck Lift
For several years, when I’ve looked in the mirror, I’ve said to myself, “Wow, I really miss my chin line!” My sagging face,... READ MORE ›
SMAS Facelift image
SMAS Facelift Review
61, Saggy Neck and Beginning Weird Jowls. - Tucson, AZ
I had been thinking about having this procedure done for about two years. Five years my husband died. Well, forget the grusome... READ MORE ›
Lower Face Lift image
Lower Face Lift Review
Dr. Harley Lower Face & Neck Lift. Let's Rock This! 11.10.16 - Asheville, NC
Hi Everyone! I am about 57 days pre-op. First and foremost I would like to thank all the lovely ladies & gentlemen that... READ MORE ›
Hair Transplant image
Hair Transplant Question
30 days post beard transplant 3500 grafts. Is this redness in the recipient area OK? (PHoto)
Redness after any hair transplant surgery depends upon your skin type and when you have it, it can last sometimes months,... READ MORE ›
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Retin-A image
Retin-A Review
Retin-a Micro--a Must Have! - Athens, GA
After getting the implanon, my skin was at its worst. My doctor failed to mention to me that it was pure estrogen, but my... READ MORE ›
Neck Lift image
Neck Lift Review
Beyond happy with simons work
Simon was beyond excellent and I am amazed at the results . Being a male I was very nervous about having a procedure but... READ MORE ›
African American Rhinoplasty image
African American Rhinoplasty Review
Not happy -Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Dr Oelbrandt, Belgium
I recently met with Dr Oelbrandt to discuss getting a few procedures done to my face. My main concern was my nose and how... READ MORE ›
Breast Implants image
Breast Implants Review
31 years old, 109#, breastfed 4 babies, small A now, hoping for full D... 350-400cc silicon under, borderline in need of a lift
I have met with 4 board certified plastic surgeons. First one told me full lift with implants, 2nd told me no lift needed,... READ MORE ›
Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment image
Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment Question
Dark circles under and at the side of my eyes. What can I do? (Photo)
Hi doctor, Six months ago it started appearing in my face. Kindly see the photo and suggest a solution. READ MORE ›
Thread Lift image
Thread Lift Review
Botched Threadlift
I was looking tired for my 55 years and was returning to work after 6 years absence so decided to have this minimally invasive... READ MORE ›
Sculptra Aesthetic image
Sculptra Aesthetic Review
Sculptra Butt Lift with Dr. Andre Berger... Detailed Experience Report
Hi realselfers! First a little background… I have had two rounds of Brazilian Butt Lifts with the amazing Dr. Hughes. I am... READ MORE ›
Acne Scars Treatment image
Acne Scars Treatment Review
Confident and Free - Brisbane, Australia
If you have acne scars you will understand my story. If you don't you never will. There is a certain psyche to people who... READ MORE ›
Facelift Review
Lift Didn't Help at All - Cleveland, OH
I had cut in by my ears and after it was all over I couldn't see any difference in my face before and after the surgery....READ MORE ›
Hair Transplant Review
Hair Transplant. Dr Maral Clinic. Istanbul, Turkey. 4,000 Grafts.
Hi. My name is Ryan. I am from Arizona, USA. I had HT surgery at Dr Maral's clinic in Istanbul Turkey last week and I would...READ MORE ›
Fat Transfer Review
Dr. S - Newport Beach, CA
There are no cons to fat transfer as it is an outpatient procedure and is permanent. Updated on 13 Dec 2010: The technical...READ MORE ›
FUE Hair Transplant Question
Why did the doctor recommend FUT over FUE?
Many doctors are not skilled in F"UE and therefore stick to what they know like strip surgery. FUE is more difficult and...READ MORE ›
Neck Lift Review
Neck Lift Well Done - Honolulu, HI
I am a 66-year-old female who was looking to have a neck-lift to improve my appearance in that area. I had consultations...READ MORE ›
Facelift Review
The Best Gift I've Given Myself - Sacramento, CA
The advantages to a complete facelift are looking and a sense of feeling younger. The disadvantages are of course...READ MORE ›
Sculptra Aesthetic Review
Lopez Plastic Surgery (Dr Manny Lopez) is the Best! A Skilledartist
I just had my sculptra treatment 4 months a ago and I look great. I tured 43 this year and I look fresh and natural which...READ MORE ›
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