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Once you see this video you will take off 37lbs in 2 weeks View In Private Oz showed it on his show earlier today and everyone is talking about it now. Women and men are going nuts for it, because you do not need to eat healthy or work out. --+--/=* The message above is an advertis-e-ment If you wish to not get these messages then please tell us on the following page 2885 Sanford Avenue-Southwest #39503 Grandville, MI 49418 Erase your email from our database by submitting your information now Nguyen Turick / 1486 Hague Ave Apt 2 St Paul Mn 55104-7474 --+--/=* --+--/=* unfortunates, notwithstanding that the commodore strongly protested against such unsuitable men being sent, were ordered to embark, many of them outpensioners from Chelsea, but two hundred and forty who had sufficient strength to get away escaped, their places being supplied by two hundred and ten marinesraw, undrilled recruits, who had not yet been allowed to use firearms. They --+--/=* profession. The squadron consisted of the Centurion, of sixty guns and four hundred men, on board of which the commodore flew his broad pennant; the Gloucester and Severn, each of fifty guns; the Pearl, of forty; the Wager, of twentyeight; and the Trial sloop, of eight guns. There were also two victuallers to carry provisions, to be taken on board the squadron when there was room to receive them. Besides the seamen, there were four hundred and seventy invalids and marines. Five hundred of the former --+--/=* goats which escaped to the mountains. Here the active animals took refuge on a ridge which was accessible only by a narrow path, skirted on each side with precipices. On the top of the path a longbearded hegoat posted himself fronting the enemy. The dogs, which had pursued eagerly, got up to about twenty yards from him, when, seeing his determined attitude, they dared approach no nearer, and laid themselves down, panting, well knowing that he would hurl them down the precipice, should they venture to attack him. The dogs, it was suspected, lived entirely on seal flesh, for several which were killed and eaten had a fishy taste. As the goats, taking refuge in the more inaccessible parts of the country, could with difficulty be killed, the crews subsisted on the --+--/=* they concluded that it was one of those which Alexander Selkirk had captured no less than thirtytwo years before their arrival. It was indeed an animal of majestic appearance, dignified with a venerable beard and many other signs of antiquity. Several others, also marked, were met with, they all having long beards and other characteristics of extreme age. The goats had no longer the island to themselves; for dogs had been landed which had increased so greatly that they disputed the territory with the former occupants, hunting together in packs. A curious spectacle was witnessed when one of these packs made chase after a herd of

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