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lead an expedition to the mountains of Cibao. Jealousy of Columbus' superior merits and the rewards he had received had been for some time rankling in the hearts of some of his officers. As he was about to set off on his expedition, a mutiny was designed, but discovered before it broke out, and the leader, Bernal Diaz, was confined on board one of the ships, to be sent to Spain for trial. Columbus now commenced the proposed expedition, leaving his brother Don Diego in command of the city and the ships. He was well received by the natives wherever he went, and was fully satisfied that the region was prolific in gold. To secure it he

ordered the boats to return and, standing on, came to an anchor. Directly afterwards the whole beach was covered with savages, painted chiefly with black, and all wearing coronets of feathers. They showed their hostile intentions by hurling their javelins towards the ship, making the shores ring with their warwhoops. As further forbearance might have been mistaken for cowardice, the Admiral sent a boat on shore full of wellarmed men, who let fly a volley of arrows from their crossbows, wounding several Indians, and throwing the rest into confusion. They then sprang on shore and let loose a dog, who pursued them with sanguinary fury. This was the first time bloodhounds had been used against the natives, afterwards to be employed with such cruel effect by

the Spaniards in their Indian wars. Columbus then landed and took formal possession of the island, which he called Santiago, but it has retained its original Indian name of Jamaica. Notwithstanding this unpleasant commencement, the natives soon entered into a friendly intercourse with their visitors. Columbus was struck with the appearance of their canoes, which were carved and painted, many of them being of large size, formed of the trunk of a single tree. He measured one, which was ninetysix feet long and eight broad, hollowed out of a species of mahoganytree. He now coasted along the northern shore of Jamaica, the natives

Sickness, however, soon broke out among the colonists, several died, and even Columbus was confined for many weeks to his bed. Notwithstanding his illness, he continued to give directions, superintending the building of the city and the management of the fleet. His mind, however, was oppressed with the thought that, in consequence of the destruction of the fortress, he should be compelled to send back the ships empty, instead of laden with gold and spices, to the great disappointment of the sovereigns.
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