Invoice Sending, Pattern-Based Search & Replace, Improved Table Row Filters, etc.

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Hi Johndoe,

it's nearly the end of the month and we are excited to send out our monthly feature update for Docparser.

During the last couple of weeks we added quite a bunch of features, which we'll cover further below. We hope you'll like them as much as we do.

Besides adding new features, we were also working on probably the biggest release since we launched Docparser. This new release includes major changes to the inner workings of Docparser and allows us to add many exciting features in the future. We'll definitely keep you in the loop about the progress there ... :-)

Without further ado, here are some of the new features which were added to Docparser recently.

Automatically send Docparser invoice per email
We get it, this feature was due since a long time. You can now set an email address to which all your Docparser invoices will be sent as soon as we charge your credit card.

Improved search & replace for table cells
You can now search & replace text in all table cells at the same time instead of duplicating the same filter for each column. Furthermore, you can also do a search & replace based on regular expressions, which opens up a ton of new use-cases to filter and clean your data.

Filter table rows based on RegEx patterns
Talking about regular expressions, you can now remove or keep specific table rows based on customer data patterns. This is great for all the cases where our default filters (contains word, starts with, is number, ...) are just not enough.

Convert text into table rows
Ever wanted to extract a certain piece of text and then convert it into table rows? You can do that now by adding our "Convert to Table Rows" filter.

Improved page splitting feature
A couple of months ago we added the possibility to split incoming flies based on keywords which appear on the first page of every document. But what about keyword splitting based on keywords on the last page of each document? This feature just got added and you can now split a file into individual documents whenever a keyword appears on the last page (e.g. "Invoice Total").

New support area and improved knowledge base
We added a whole new chapter to our support area which covers everything you need to get started with Docparser. Our knowledge base is now featuring a "Getting Started' section where you will find tutorials, and a 'Knowledge Base' section for in-depth articles for advanced users.

We hope some of the features mentioned above will make your life with Docparser easier and improve your productivity. As always, let us know if there is anything you want to discuss or if you have questions.

Best regards,
The Docparser Team
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