Megyn Kelly is completely finished after this story breaks

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Thursday August 31st - 2017

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Megyn Kelly obligated to quit live Today after
all these photos were pusblished

Find out what really happen here

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The first thing youll immediately notice are those tiny borders around its display. The bezels here are a bit slimmer than those of the G6, which has allowed LG to squeeze a big 6 inch display in a phone thats slightly more compact than Apples iPhone 7 Plus (which has a 5.5 inch screen). This is the hot new thing for lots of smartphones in 2017, but nice is nice.

If that mock up is anything like what Apple will unveil on September 12, youll have to buy a black one to hide that goofy notch. The iPhone 7 provides a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new phone. When the current iPhone is turned off and sitting on a flat surface, it looks like one seamless slab of glass. Thats what many say the iPhone 8 will look like as well.

I have a longstanding issue with phones with glass backs: Theyre more susceptible to cracking, theyre fingerprint magnets, and they tend to slide around if theyre not on a flat surface. The V30s rear is coated in Gorilla Glass 5, but it hasnt felt as slippery or offensive as it could be. Still, you will see some smudges in the right light.

Mind you, that phone isnt the real deal. Instead, its a mock up based on the iPhone 8s rumored design, which is supposed to include, among other features, an edge to edge OLED display and a redesigned camera system on its front. Its also supposed to have an awkward looking notch on its top that will house the phones front cameras and sensors.


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