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  • CHAPTER I A Great Change Theres no doubt about it, we really must economize somehow sighed Mrs. Woodward helplessly, with her housekeeping book in one hand, and her bank passbook in the other, and an array of bills spread out on the table in front of her. , do you hear what I say The war will make a great difference to our income, and we cantsimply cantgo on living in exactly the old way. The sooner we all realize it the better. I wish I knew where to begin. Might knock off going to church, and save the we give in collections suggested Percy flippantly. It must tot up to quite a decent sum in the course of a year, not to
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  • coltsfoot and golden aconite came up as they liked in the spring time. ona loved this garden with somewhat the same attachment that a French peasant bears for the soil upon which he has been reared. She rejoiced in every yard of it. To go away and resign 5 it to others would be tragedy unspeakable. The fear that Aunt Harriet might recommend the family to leave Highfield was sufficient to darken her horizon indefinitely. That her mother had written to consult the oracle she was well aware, for she had been sent to post the letter. She had an instinctive apprehension that the answer would prove a turningpoint in her career. For a suppose s nowadays will have to learn to support themselves, and the war will alter everything, but Id always meant you to stop at home and look after the little ones for me, and its very What does Aunt Harriet say, mother interrupted ona, with a catch in her throat. She says a great deal, and I dare say shes right. 6 Oh, this terrible war Things were so different when I was a You might as well read the letter for yourself, as it concerns you. I always think shes hard on Percy, poor lad I was afraid the were too noisy the last time she was here, but they wouldnt keep quiet. Im sure I try to do my best all round, and you know, ona, be trained to gain their own living. The foundation of every career is a good educationwithout this it is impossible to build at all, and ona certainly cannot obtain it if she remains at home. The new High School at Seaton is offering two open Scholarships to s resident in the County, the examination for which is on September 8th. I propose that ona enters for this examination, and that if she should be a successful candidate, she should come to live with me during the period of her attendance at the High School. The education is the best possible, there is a prospect of a University Scholarship to be competed for, and every help

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